Welcome to Clean Energy Consulting!

We are excited that you have taken the time to visit our website.  Whether you have an interest in energy projects or learning more about our company, we hope you will find the content informative and look forward to hearing from you!

Our efforts are focused on work that positively impacts our world, and we believe that we can make a real difference by designing and building projects that produce energy in renewable and sustainable ways.

Clean Energy Consulting (CEC) has assembled a highly competent group of professional and technical personnel with experience in all aspects of project development, project management, engineering design, procurement, and construction management.

The CEC team is motivated by challenge and looks for innovative ways to achieve outstanding results. Combined with integrity, humility, and a strong sense of ownership, our people are committed to success within all facets of a project – design optimization, efficient construction, and exceptional plant performance. We are dedicated to continuous improvement by listening and applying the lessons learned on previous projects.



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Updated overview of Clean Energy Consulting highlighting our capabilities and featuring some of our project success stories.

As Clean Energy Consulting continues to grow, we are always looking for qualified candidates who fit into our company culture and are seeking an opportunity to lead, take initiative, and take ownership in their responsibilities.

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