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Project Development

Developing a project is often a daunting task.  A project needs to go through the same steps to define the desired results, describe the required scope, and assess the costs and risks of achieving outcomes regardless if it is a small maintenance project or a multimillion dollar power plant.  Resources and budgets are always limited before a project is approved however, the ultimate success of the project is significantly influenced during the early stages before decisions are locked in. 

Since our inception in 2008, Clean Energy Consulting has played key roles in the successful development and implementation of a number of challenging projects: 

  • conversion of idled newsprint facility to stand alone, 36 MW biomass power generation facility, non-recourse debt financed project
  • world's largest, 13 MW biomass-fed, ORC power plants
  • 25 MW run of river power project

By bringing an understanding of financing, regulatory, consultant, and contractor expectations, the elements necessary for success were embedded from the start.

Clean Energy Consulting understands the owner's perspective.  This allows us to put together a project plan, work with stakeholders, define the scope, identify the risks, and develop effective strategies to mitigate them.  A phased approach to project development allows the team to systematically develop the project, completing the necessary development and evaluation while minimizing expenditures.

Clean Energy Consulting has assembled a highly competent group of professional and technical personnel with experience in all aspects of project development, project management, engineering design, procurement, and construction management.  We can assist you with developing your project by providing:

  • Opportunity Identification and Selection
  • Business Case Development
  • Cost Estimating and Economic Modelling
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Front-End Engineering Design
  • Project Financing Support
  • Vendor Contract Negotiations

Project Development Projects

The Clean Energy Consulting team is motivated by challenge and looks for innovative ways to achieve outstanding results. Combined with integrity, humility, and a strong sense of ownership, our people are committed to success within all facets of a project – design optimization, efficient construction, and exceptional plant performance.

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