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Conifex Fort St James Sawmill Dust Containment & Extraction

The project included the installation of a complex sawdust containment and extraction system within the operating sawmill facility. As industry awareness and regulatory responsibility to mitigate hazardous sawdust conditions within BC Sawmill's increases, mill owners are increasingly challenged to retrofit existing mill equipment. Key project challenges included customer cost certainty requirements, aggressive project execution schedule, need for continuous access to primary breakdown equipment for daily operations and maintenance, and zero tolerance for production interruptions during installation.

CEC collaborated with project stakeholders in order to conceive, design, and deliver the $7.1 M Dust Containment and Extraction System for the Fort St. James facility. CEC provided full EPCM services and by applying our Capital Value Model ensured that quality decisions were made early in the project definition phase and project risks were identified and controlled throughout. The CEC project team delivered on ambitious targets while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality through project identification, selection, definition, execution, and commissioning of the dust extraction system in the sawmill, planer mill, and chipping system.

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